re·sil·ience /rəˈzilyəns/​Noun​

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness

We are establishing our Sanctuary 

on acres of land 

in Southern California 

to support Fellow Survivor Leadership

in business, nonprofit, media and education.

We are resourcing recovery for victims of 

human trafficking, violence, & cults.

We are building food gardens, 

a Temple Retreat & Programs for SelfHealing.


To complete this vision

We are inviting you to Co-create 

Sacred is The Work

In the Hills of a Living Desert

Healing Life is Art... 


(619) 800-5159

Postal Donations

Victory Garden Sanctuary

40477 Murrieta Hot Springs Road

Suite D1-1010

Murrieta CA 92563

Monique Ana (Founder)

Available for Speaking Opportunities

We are Survivor founded & led. Our focus is long term relationships, a support system of retreats offering multiple body, mind, soul therapies & healing sessions within Nature for deep rest. 


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What is a Survivor Leader?

This describes a person who has done their inner-work to heal & revive the self & find happiness in spite of extreme trauma. A Survivor Leader is able to support others in recovery.


Retreats Include:


Quiet Retreat Space 

Nature's Beauty

Nutritional Food

Sound Healing with Music 

Dance Movement 

Multimodal Therapies 

Introspective Business Think-Tank

Education Activation Practice 

We Host Trauma-Informed Events

Offering Healing Arts For Body Mind Soul

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Recovery is a circular path without an end & by focusing on continued healing, life becomes fuller & more enjoyable. 

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Nature Herself, is Art. Working with Mother Nature to allow space for HEALING the InnerChild is what we do!  

Are you a Survivor who would benefit from a retreat? 

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We want to awaken the senses within a variety of life experiences; education on a variety of topics, entertainment, music, visuals & growing & preparing whole foods. 

Freedom Sanctuary Retreat October 2022 

We are offering a retreat program for Cult Survivor Leadership, providing think tank discussions on current issues such as effective control of one's narrative in public speaking & suicide prevention awareness. We will discuss a concerted outreach to increase public awareness as well as strategies to locate those responsible for cult leadership crimes. 

Our suicide numbers are high. We need to create support frameworks to reduce these numbers. Being born or brought into a cult as a child, creates unique problems that need to be addressed. We need to gather data on the statistics of deaths, from clear suicide to the unfortunate deaths that result from untreated mental issues resulting from childhood abuse. 

These stats will help raise awareness around suicide prevention within our collective. The numbers will also help us raise funds to continue to build more programs with the assistance of the public. 

DONATE to the Retreat Scholarship

Your donation empowers a Survivor Leader to attend programs within Retreat.

We are a 501c3 Nonprofit that relies on the support of community donations to continue to expand our work. We offer a retreat program for cult & human trafficking Survivor Leadership, providing think tank discussions on current issues.  We are building an expansion of the structures on the land. We need supplies to build the communal kitchen, food gardens & spaces for sessions & meditations. We are building structures, drilling a water well, building gardens for food & bringing together a team to continue this work. 


EIN: 824158233

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