This is an invite to a Private Space in a desert within a redshank forest, an absolute hidden gem. Enjoy a weekend of expanding your healing abilities & replenishing of self! This Training is designed for, but not limited to, trauma-informed advocates who work alongside survivors of sex trafficking, abuse, violence, assault and/or religious cults. 

This includes therapists, social workers, healers and investigators. 

Includes: Accommodations, nourishing food, speakers, workshops, live entertainment, amazing advocates, conscious networking & resources.

Thursday, April 27th: Early Check In (optional)

April 28th & 29th: Immersive Training (Friday 10am to Saturday 6pm) 

On Saturday night, our DJ will play house music, and you can dance at our silent disco late into the night. 

April 30th: Sunday Funday (activities: i.e. enjoy the day exploring, networking, and relaxing)

a Mental, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing Retreat

Nature is a Key part of the Sanctuary. Getting immersed in raw nature, with beautifual quiet views is proven to help mental and physical well-being. 

Meditation from one of our sacred boulders with 360 degree views. Breathtaking Sunsets and Stargazing.

Open Air plant based meals, drinks & snacks. Drinking Water from a local Spring.


Spend 3 nights & 4 days treating yourself to getaway on sacred land where you can find magical crystals all over, see hawks soaring, hear the breeze in the trees, hear your thoughts, and be at peace. You will leave rejuvenated & more connected to your being at a cellular level. 

A sanctuary in a living desert, tucked in between rolling hills with majestic views of Mount Palomar & 360 degree views of rolling hills. Come and walk the land to see its natural treasures; wildlife, flora, massive boulders, cacti, white sage, oak trees, thousands of redshank trees, willows and some manzanita. A sweet energy and you will feel a sense of home. Night sky lights up, clear and lovely. Beautiful starry nights in our serene secret hideaway. 





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This resort is in a Private Member Association that operates in a private domain.

It is not a part of the public domain. 


Training Focuses on Trauma Informed Care

  • Healing Modalities
  • How pain is stored in the Body 
  • Re-Wiring Energy in the Body
  • Nervous System Regulation
  • Human Trafficking Interdiction Training Formula

Rosie Cataldo

Founder, Consult Rosie

Rosie is a trauma-informed anti-human trafficking consultant, prevention educator, trainer &  healing conduit.

Monique Ana is the creator of the All Time Healing program & a survivor. She is an author, Sanctuary Hostess & artist.  

Pauley Reveiz Thompson, a practicing physical therapist for over 23 years.  She incorporates mind/body healing through both evidenced based practice and alternative therapies.  She is a published author, her work has been referenced by medical journals. Pauley believes in empowering her patients to take an active role in their healing journey.

Dawn McClelland, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist. is co-founder and director at Midwest Center for Trauma and Emotional Healing in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She is also the co-developer  and originator of AIR Network Trauma Training as well as a certified EMDR consultant. With over 30 years of helping people heal from the profound effects of violent, ritualistic, war & trafficking trauma. She has extensive training in understanding post-traumatic stress, dissociation, & complex trauma. She helps people move past frozen states and heal without being overcome by the trauma. 

Lena Servin BSN,RN,CEN,RYT,RMT owner of Serenity Cove Temecula, with 20+ years of experience in Emergency Medicine,Critical Care and Trauma. She is a Yoga Instructor and a Somatic Release Breathwork Facilitator. Trained under the supervision of Dr. Gabor Mate, & does one on one transformational coaching. Lena believes wholeheartedly in the mind body connection and leading others back on to the path of wellness through awareness.