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Monique Ana B.S., C.Ht., 

Business | Keynote Speaker | Author | Founder 


Keynote Speaking Topics

Human Trafficking Today: Where & How is it Happening? ~ Awareness is the Key to Protecting the Vulnerable

The Power of Dissociation: Trauma Coping Mechanisms ~ How to ReFrame Old Survival Scripts to be Useful Today

Healing Epiphanies:  Multi-Modal Therapy ~ An Action Step Formula to Success & Happiness 

The Cult Experience IS the Human Experience: Blueprints of Manipulation ~ from 1on1 Relationships to 1toMany

Rituals for Narrating, Negotiating & Navigating: ~ Heal TIME to correct The Future

Generational Stories: Taking Responsibility for Healing ~ How I Healed An Eating Disorder 

Almost all of Monique Ana’s speaker sessions are based around the “how to” overcome manipulation & awareness of methods used to control others. She speaks about how to succeed in a healing process, to facilitate a career, relationships or business.  At the end of her presentations attendees have “take aways” they can apply to their current situation immediately.  As a speaker she empowers them to:

  •  Take massive action
  •  Be determined
  •  Be disciplined 
  •  Embrace the process
  •  Lastly, be accountable

She is highly aware of what is needed to impact, empower and motivate people to take responsibility of the own life.

Monique was one of my favorite interviews on the podcast. We had an amazing conversation about her journey and I am in awe of the person she has become after such a tough life. She is a true warrior and I am so grateful for the conversation and that I got to know her.


Fairlosophy Spotify Podcast

Monique is an incredible speaker, leader, and advocate on human trafficking. I have worked with her on the project to develop training programs to educate law enforcement about cults and human trafficking

Monique's testimony is an example of resiliency and victory. Her story is encouraging and gives hope to others. Monique's ability to show professionalism, confidence, passion, audience awareness is supreme in training, public awareness, and advocacy for the victims of human trafficking.

Galina Prozorova, MPH Victim Resources Specialist, CDAA



Monique Ana is the creator of AllTimeHealing an online course created to assist survivors of trauma as they navigate their healing process. This course helps survivors chart a long term plan for taking responsibility & actively participating in their healing process. A multi-modal therapy program is the key to life changing healing. Foundational aspects of the course create reference points that will help survivors shift and grow as they move through the spiral path of healing.

Monique Ana was born into the Children of God, an international cult, the eldest of 13 siblings. She lived a transient life, traveling the world being labor trafficked, and much more. Leaving the cult at 19 years old, with her two-week old baby girl, she immediately started on an education path. 

Being able to access therapy programs and self-care, she successfully completed a 17 year career in the biopharmaceutical industry & graduated from University Of Redlands with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management focused on Industry Analysis. She worked as the National Director of Sales & an Executive Analyst working with the C-Level

In 2014, Monique Ana began launching entrepreneurial businesses and philanthropic programs, seeking to assist others on their own path out of exploitation. The Social Garden 501c3 is a nonprofit company focused on Wellness Events with music & education. She is also a CoFounder of Luna's Vault Academy which is an Esoteric Women's Circle that uses Universal Wisdom for life. She maintains her HHP credentials for Hypnotherapy.

Monique Ana is the Founder and Executive Director of Victory Garden Sanctuary, a Center for Excellence, a 501c3 collaborative program, providing opportunities for healing for those escaping human trafficking, domestic violence and cults. The role of the Sanctuary Home is to provide a launch pad for our houseguest's future by offering a quiet space for contemplation & rest. Along with practical actionable steps to continued therapy and healing modalities they will gain skills & career education to apply as an entrepreneur or in a survivor owned business.

She knows this formula will help survivors access their own internal guidance system, so they begin to gain clarity on their personal paths towards freedom. 

Career Highlights 

  • AllTimeHealing Course Creator 
  • Author 'Heal Your Story~Find Your Magick'
  • Founder Victory Garden Sanctuary 501c3
  • Podcast & Live Speaking Engagements 
  • CoFounder Luna's Vault Academy
  • 17 Year Career in BioPharma

Contact: monique@victorygardensanctuary.org