We practice The Philosophy of Planetism, that all living beings in this Solar System, a.k.a., born on this ship, Planet Earth is a Planetarian. All living beings are ‘The Temple,’ sovereign ships, each their own nation, & have rights that fall under natural law including 'animals are friends & not food.' Anyone can keep their religious practices and still practice planetism as it simply means tending to the earth & being planet-bound. Planet Earth is sacred. We believe that Mother Earth has healing we need for a better future. This land, Secret Falls Sanctuary is our temple in all ways, physical, mental and spiritually. We exercise great care & use discipline to minimize destruction of natural habitat. Our service is to grow plants for food & medicine, sharing our harvest with our members & educating our Sanctuary Ekklesia on this connection to the land. All active members must participate in service on the land and receive also. We respect all spiritual practices and our rituals include indigenous ceremony practices from around the world. Music Dance & Creative expression are part of our worship as a happy heart can give praise fully. Members have timeshare for relaxation through exchange energy or tending the land as volunteers and attending sacred ritual in service to the Sanctuary. Here we tend to Mother Earth & use science to create methods that can be used to grow food as medicine. This is Our Outreach. We also create opportunities by way of Mother Earths blessings and hold space for bringing peace by healing deep trauma. Membership is tithe that helps with the upkeep of the temple grounds. Retreats allow deep dives into precepts and fellowship. Sanctuary grounds have Altars of any spiritual practice that we respect from around the world. Always create a small altar when you are spending the night as a space for your meditative practice while here. We practice Ahimsa as expansively as possible & this always includes vegan food. You must be invited to the sanctuary to be a member, to any social or private function. 


Always hike in groups of more than one. Stay in designated areas & out of cacti. Bring boots, clothes & hats for all weather, comfy bedding, tweezers for cacti splinters, & toiletries. Please stay within designated areas or risk personal harm as there are dangerous areas for which you are liable if you venture in without a guide. If you cannot follow these guidelines, you will be asked to leave. Keeping all things sacred. 

Once you’ve entered the Main Ranchos Aguangos Gate, off 79, drive 15 mph or less passed the other Estates, shift to meditative mindset & take time to view the land. Follow the map and instructions. Come at your appointment time to open Sacred Circle.


Contemplative Space


Body Movement