Expansion Projects:

Communal Kitchen

Lounge Tent 

Yoga Platform 

The Social Garden Theater

20 ft x 16ft Greenhouses x 2 

High Temple Garden with Water Feature

Healthy Foods:

Fruit & Veggies

Spices & Herbs

Juices, Coffee, Tea

Rice, Noodles, Breads


All Flooring rubber mats & Rugs 

Patio furniture 

Windows & window treatments 

Power tools

Concrete fabric


8 12ft 4x4 wood

10 10ft 2x4 wood

2x4 wood


Wood Pallets 

500sqft Greenhouse Plastic

Zone 9a ornamental & fruit trees/vines & perennial vegetable plants 

Large buckets to grow food & Wire to protect from animals 

Worm Farm

Natural fertilizer 


PVC coated hardware clothe 


Natural Slate Walking Stone 

LED & Solar powered lights, strings/walkway lights 

Shade sails 


Damaged or returned anything

Tiny Home Material List 

10 gallons of liquid or spray lacquer

Pedestal sink 

Eco toilet

Shower tiles

Shower head 

Shower pan 

Large Shower curtains